See Derek Broze’s video breaking down the latest press conference for Operation Warp Speed (OWS).

So, let’s start this off by saying; I like Derrick Broze and appreciate what he does. But he does miss major aspects of the big picture (he and TLAV), which in turn means he misses major solutions.

1.) On the general’s statement: First off, the military has nothing to do with official disclosure. As in, he does not hold a principle position in which he can make official disclosures about non-military matters. However, it is valid for him to say that they would carry out a vaccine distribution scheme. Details of whether it’s mandatory or who has to get it for the moment have nothing to do with him. Yes, he could foreshadow something that politicians will “order”, sure. But remember we are seeing public disclosures of psyops carried out by the military against the public in Canada. So I would take everything he says with a HUGE grain of salt, at best.

2.) Derrick talks about the “laws” giving pharma companies “immunity”. That’s not how it works. Think of regulation as the government subsidizing liability (think of “Limited Liability Corp”). If doctors follow the rules set up by government in their licensing contract, the government agrees to in some way subsidize and accept liability in case something still goes wrong. In the case of vaccines, the government OFFERS to host a vaccine damages claims court. You do not have to accept their OFFER of vaccine claims court. Its the same with any class action suit, if you become part of class action you loose any other claim you might have. The government cannot just declare total immunity. There’s always someone somewhere who is liable, no matter what. Equality under the law is absolute, they just don’t want you to know this and know your own power.

The solution is to not tacitly agree. To speak up. Send a notice to principal (governor, president, ceo, etc) saying that you do not consent to having your claim heard in a special court and that if they insist on giving the vaccine company immunity, then you will hold him, the man who holds the office of governor, responsible and liable for all injury to yourself, friends and family.

This is an excellent video about liability and 5G during the scamdemic. It’s recent. With Max Igan, who I really like as he talks about solutions and empowerment. 100% recommend.  Although I have a very slight disagreement with one statement, but still. Very good. Their whole “legal” system is a fucking mirage, pardon my language. It’s the lowest law on the totem pole. There’s natural law, contracts, commercial, all sorts of stuff that supersede that legal “code”, should you opt to use it. These laws and protections have been in place centuries. The trick is keeping folks uneducated enough to not realize this. Tricking them into THINKING the government will just do whatever they want. But they actually do have principles they follow, you’re just kept mostly in the dark as to what they are.

3.) The Lieber Code is what dictates martial law. In the worst case scenario: open martial law (we really already have lesser forms of martial law already in place) the Lieber Code is what they follow. It’s actually a pretty easy read, compared to other legal codes. In that it states outright that the military can do whatever they deem necessary to US Citizens, with no due process. US Citizens are considered enemies of the state, both in US code and the Lieber Code, see this video on the trading with the enemies act. This is why I’ve corrected my status and am NOT a US Citizen, which is a corporate fiction and subject that the US Corporation owns completely. I do agree with Max that you don’t HAVE to correct things, BUT… If you’re going to try and battle these forces without paper evidence, you better be really damn good with language and knowing all the tricks or else you’ll fall for one of them. Fixing status and all that is a great learning experience to find out all the different ways we have been deceived, while at the same time ESTABLISHING TRUTH in the law. And proof of this truth. Now that I have everything done, I could probably survive without any documentational evidence because I have had enough practice w language. Still though, it provides confidence.


By: Ammon