This is a video Tom Barnett has done to breakdown and displace the fear coming from the “shedding” propaganda campaign (it’s also quite funny, the video). I sent it to Ted and he agreed it very much helped restore his peaceful and positive vibration after listening to all the other fear porn. If you’re not familiar with Tom, check out his site (all free) His video “Can you catch a virus” was one of the first viral videos at the start of the scamdemic and one of the first to be censored.


If you’re new to this idea, that virus’s are not the contagious diseases that we’ve been told, there are a ton of great people out there explaining and researching this. See: Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who has been exposing the fact that COVID has never even been isolated or proven to exist (Spoiler: no virus has been proven to cause disease). See Dr Kaufman speak to Chris from A Warrior Calls here. Dr. Kaufman does amazing work as well as Dr. Tom Cowan. There is also the book by David Parker and Dawn Lester “What really makes you ill?”, they have been doing the interview rounds for the last year. Also see, “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.


Tom and I have a conversation planned for Monday. It will be about health and nature, no law stuff this time. I will share that as soon as it’s ready.


Keep your heads up and out of the clouds of fear. We got this! We have already won, too many have awoken and there’s no turning back. It may be bumpy, but do not fear.


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