The American States Assembly

It’s time to educate ourselves about our actual American Government and dust off the cobwebs and records so that we familiarize ourselves with the long-vacant offices and traditions of our own Government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Correct your status, then join your state assembly to control your own destiny through self-governance.

Tom Barnett

Can you catch a virus? Spoiler: no. (but that video is funny and informative!) Tom was the original counterpart for Conversations on land! V2 – Language – or – Ep1 the “pilot”

Tom has seen through the veil of reductionism and is not a fan of this supplemental and compartmentalized way of thinking… the “whack-a-mole” philosophy of expending great amounts of energy, years, and sacrifice, trying to study and understand and improve one aspect of a system, ignoring other aspects, and sometimes even denying that a system-as-a-whole even exists

Holistic man of 2020. Find all his work from his links on his website. From health to law and everything in between.

Anna Von Reitz

Anna is one of the OG’s of conveying to the land jurisdiction. She wrote the Jural Assembly Handbook (among many other things) and has been indispensable to Americans’ efforts to claim their birthright status’ and assemble on the land. Thank you, Anna. (Oh and, maybe we can have a conversation on land sometime?).