We are living.

Living souls.


Of the land and soil.

On the land and soil.

For the People

For those who celebrate life, who strive in earnest to be and to gift back the present: we create Living on land, to share lessons learned on this journey. As so many wash up on the shores begin to dig their feet into the sand, dazed, wet, and disoriented; they begin taking in the beauty of the land and warmth of the sun and ponder the future. A future which may be uncertain but their desire to live, and live on land, is not.

From those of us still dripping wet, to those who’ve already begun to build their homes, we are all different and on different paths. It is not our place to judge or criticize, only to create, build, love, and empower. This is an inner journey. One of self ownership and responsibility. Which begins with knowing who you are, and then taking full responsibility.

You are your own leader. Living on land is a resource. Not a guide. We can only teach those who wish to teach themselves. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Periodical Newsletter

No spam or anything like that. Plus, I don’t even have anything to sell you. I do however write periodical newsletters (1-2 per month at most), if you would like to get those updates.

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Follow our journey through this realm as we share the lessons we learn on how to live out our full potentials as free, sovereign, loving beings. Creations of the universal god and creators in our own kingdom.


We do this simply because it’s the right thing to do. None of this is advice. However, when we started learning about sovereign life, it was completely new and unfamiliar. So we offer a place to start, by following our story and providing the resources we used. They may not be right for you but knowledge truly is power. Take charge of your life.

To live is to give

We all get what we give. We give all information on this site freely.

Ammon is starting Living on land using his own resources. If you would like to support this endeavor, please see our support page.

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